Saturday, November 26, 2011

McHeadboard: Made Entirely of Pallets from the Trash

     One of the benefits of my fiancee working where he does is that I have a never-ending, all-you-can-eat buffet of wooden pallets to craft with.  Today's obsession was born our of inspiration on Pinterest, a truck bed full of pallets, and a desperate need to make something using power tools.

What I Started With:

     I spent the better part of an hour wrestling with the pallets, using hammers, needlenose pliers, and MY BARE HANDS to rip them apart.  I felt like some kind of awesome, wood-hating bear.  Once I finally got all the boards I wanted, I lined them all up hot dog style to equal six feet.  I rummaged through the garage for some 1"X4" and whipped out the circular saw and went GZZZBZZZZZZZZZRRRRZZZZZ until I had two pieces that were 1"X4"X6'.  Grabbing my (roommate's) trusty drill, I laid the two 6' boards across the pallet pieces and screwed about 70 screws (seriously) through to the pallet pieces.  I added a couple of legs and VOILA! Rustic, but super awesome headboard for my room.


Pallets: Free
1X4: Free
Screws: 6$

That's some inexpensive ambiance right there!  I feel a need to make everything ever rising up inside me.


  1. My mom and I are reading this blog and think it's fantastic! Love the wooden board idea!! Love your style of writing!
    ~Maddie and Lydia

  2. Thanks, guys! I'm psyched you like it. I've got a couple of thigns to pick up and then will hopefully have another cool thing up later this week :)