Tuesday, November 29, 2011

McLampshades: Burlap, Felt and a Little Lace to Make them Feel Like a Lady

     In a continued effort to make my bedroom not look like the last 20 years of random accumulation threw up all over it, I reconstructed my bedside lampshades.  My hope was that they'd match the I-got-all-this-crap-for-almost-free-and-I'm-pretending-it-looks-rustic-and-farmy look that I seem to be going for these days. 

     First, I grabbed some extra burlap I had sitting in a basket in the corner (yes, that really is where it was) and traced my lampshade on them.  I cut it out, leaving about an inch extra on each side of the "pattern" and hot glued that sucker over the existing shade.  I pulled the extra inch on top over the frame and glued it down on the inside, same on the bottom.  BURLAP LAMP SHADES BAM!

     But that didn't quite meet my need for pretty things, so I whipped out some felt and lace and decided to make some little flower things.  This is how you make little flower things:

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     So after spending 15 minutes burning the heck out of my fingers, as is normal whenever I touch a hot glue gun, I had a bunch of little flowers.  I weilded the treacherous hot glue gun again and glued them to the lamps, stuffed some lace-y crap in it to make them feel like a lady, and BAM!  New lamps!

     I'm pretty psyched.  Not quite finished with them yet, as I'm trying to decide what color to make the bases, but I was too pumped not to go ahead and post them.  I'm going to start gluing these little flowers to everything.

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  1. "stuffed some lace-y crap in them" OMG I'm pretty much in love with everything about this blog.FYI.